Building on a Quality Foundation Since 1979

West Central Florida’s Residential and Commercial Design and Building Experts

Building on a Quality Foundation Since 1979

West Central Florida’s Residential and Commercial Design and Building Experts

Welcome to Southwynd, Inc.

A Reliable Full-Service Contracting Firm

Southwynd, Inc. is an expert in building residential and commercial properties. We have a team of designers and constructors that has the skill and knowledge in completing your project.


Who We Are

Southwynd, Inc. was born out of the public’s need for a full-service professional contracting firm. We are dedicated to providing quality service and performance in West Central Florida since 1979.

Our Founder

Dana South, MBA/TM has more than 40 years of combined experience in all aspects of the Florida construction industry. He was formally educated in a school of Business Administration and Construction. Dana also had hands-on field experience in various trades, which helped her earn the right to be called a general contractor.


Who We Serve

Our office is based in the Tampa Bay Area because of its easy access to the entire State. Currently, we are serving clients in the Tampa Bay area. We have also worked on development projects throughout the West Coast of Florida and Charlotte County.

Our Services

You can rely on our professionals to help you in constructing your residential or commercial properties. We provide the following:

  • Design and Budget Services
  • Renovation
  • Residential & Commercial Construction
  • Roof and Reroofing
  • Real Estate Services

Why Choose Us

Our team takes pride in having more than 40 years of experience in building structure. We have constructed some of the finest custom single-family residential homes and commercial establishments in Florida.

Project Flexibility

Build any projects you have lined up. We provide full construction services to ensure you accomplish what you need.

Financing Options

Have you been debating whether or not to replace your roof because of the cost? We offer financing options that will meet your needs and get the job done.


To further assist clients in doing business with us, we compiled frequently asked questions regarding our work.

The selection of experienced, competent contractors and other energy professionals is critical to the success of your projects. Here are some guidelines to aid you in choosing a contractor:

    Ask for multiple current references that you can contact about the work the contractor performed.
    Ask the contractor to provide a cost estimate in writing for any work they will do.
    Make sure they are a registered or certified contractor; licensed and insured in the State and local municipality.
    The contractor should certify that their work conforms to state and local regulations and codes.
    Verify that the contractor carries workers’ compensation insurance.

We are ready to work with you. To start, we need the details in your design to arrive at a price for the work as well as the establishment of a schedule. We require a signed contract that spells out the details of the work, the price agreed upon, the payment schedule, and the approximate completion date. This assures you that we are committed to this project together.

Once we get started, we will keep you abreast of the work and budget through meetings and phone conversations. Remember, it’s a team effort and there’s no “I” in the word “team.”

When we meet to discuss your project and understand your details, we will create a project plan that spells out what every aspect of the project will cost. Communication is the real key when it comes to the budget for the project. This is why we need to understand your expectations and your vision for the result, and we will work together to accomplish your dream.

Not sure if you want to wait for your next tax return or dip into your savings? There are other options. On many occasions, our customers need a new roof but just don’t have the funds to purchase one. We understand that roofing can be costly, so to provide another opportunity, we decided to offer financing options through our home improvement financing partner, GreenSky.

Once you have secured an estimate and you decide that you would like to proceed with the work, you can contact GreenSky directly to qualify. Picking the plan that’s right for you can be done in a quick, simple application process. You can complete this online at or by phone at 866-936-0602. Make sure you also have the Southwynd, Inc. merchant number handy, 81020765, when applying.

Payments must be made at various points during the project. This is called “draws.” These payments are spelled out clearly in the contract so that there are no surprises. We require a down payment to start the work, from ordering the necessary materials to obtaining the building permits. If a lender is involved, we will work with them to create a draw and conduct inspection schedules.

If your standards are high, so are ours. Our in-house crews are very good at their jobs. They get the job done efficiently and clean up after each day’s work. In addition, our team is fully insured, and they meet all licensing requirements.

Since starting the business in 1979, we have developed a planning and implementation process that has proven successful over and over again. Communications, a detailed contract, and the production schedule are the keys here.

Plan Development
We listen to you, your concerns, and your ideas so that we know what you are thinking. Based on the project details and your input, we can create a visual picture. From this input, we can develop a professional architectural drawing that brings your dream to life on the page. With your plans in hand, we can prepare your budget to review in detail with you. Once we agree in terms, we then enter into a contractual agreement.

Project Execution
Once all permits are obtained, the transformation begins. We get to work, doing what we do best. For any questions along the way, you can always reach out to us and get a straight answer quickly. If there are any changes in the project, we update the contract and schedule, and keep moving forward.

All projects will require the purchase of products, such as cabinets, flooring, doors, shower tile, fixtures, etc. Through experience, we have put together a list of suppliers and vendors that will give you high-quality products and will be conscientious of your budget. Many of our customers have already done the homework and have selections in mind. With the guidance of our staff, you can take your selections, ideas, colors, and trends in products for your project.

If you are thinking about a new addition, reroofing, or renovating your home, we know you have many questions regarding our services. We’re here to help. Please call us at 813-318-2866 or get in touch with us.