High-Quality Residential and Commercial Properties

Since 1979, Southwynd, Inc. has been constructing a variety of residential or commercial structures in West Central Florida. You can rely on our experienced building experts to take care of your projects efficiently.

Single-Family Residences

From traditional to contemporary, we have built some of the finest custom single-family residential homes in Florida. From homes built in velocity flood zones on driven pilings to the more conventional type home built in subdivisions, we offer the same attention to detail. Building your dream home should be a happy time, and it will be, as long as you select the right team. We are the right choice!


Why Choose Us

As a certified member of the American Institute of Building Design (AIBD No FL 134), we have incorporated the features you appreciate and the workmanship you demand. Tell us about your dream home and we’ll take your ideas and project them into a building plan, just the way you wanted it.

Of course, each home we work on is fully warranted for one year. At Southwynd, Inc., we are reputed for providing quality workmanship at a fair price.


Southwynd, Inc. values quality in small and large projects. We are proud of the contribution we have made in bringing tastefully designed and efficient commercial projects to life. Our team has completed branch banks, featuring drive-up service as well as full-service facilities. We cater to developers of large commercial projects and clients with small-scale plans. We can assist you with:

  • Doctors’ Offices
  • Dental Offices
  • Insurance Agents’ Offices
  • Real Estate
  • Restaurants
  • Country Clubs
  • Yacht Clubs
  • Automobile Service Centers
  • Bowling Lanes
  • Inner Theaters
  • Attorneys’ Offices

Be it a renovation of interior space or the construction of a multimillion-dollar complex, your building will reflect the same Southwynd, Inc.’s quality, workmanship, and attention to detail.

Light Industrial and Schools

Trust our team to handle your facilities for community service. The environmental and economic growth climate in the Southern United States is conducive to industrial and educational facilities. Because of this, we have placed our company in an ideal position to provide the construction expertise required for this market.


Scope of Work

Our specialization ranges from the construction of pre-engineered metal buildings to tilt-up concrete panel construction. We handle the installation and rigging of production and manufacturing equipment. Our personnel maintains control of equipment setting through the direct employment of the skilled trades required to solve even the most intricate and complex installations. These skills plus the many other advantages of a professional contractor make hiring us, as your general contractor, a safe and wise choice.

Medical and Health

At our company, we are dedicated to meeting the changing needs of those in the medical and healthcare field. These needs cause a major insurgent of medical and healthcare facilities to be built. Our team has studied the required codes and ordinances to become more proficient in the design and construction of these buildings. We work with an experienced team to add value engineering to your project, which is done to keep down healthcare costs. A list of facilities in this skilled area of construction includes:

  • Renovations to Palm Shores Retirement Center
  • Alpern Orthodontic Clinic
  • Community Eye Clinic and Surgery Center
  • Englewood Dental Clinic
  • Fawcett Memorial Hospital Renovations
  • Hall’s Veterinary Clinic
  • North Port Animal Hospital


Turn to our experienced team that provides larger-scale residential living. We worked hand in hand with developers to build complete luxury multi-story projects in a country club atmosphere. This is why we require the highest possible quality workmanship. Aside from that, we have worked on projects with unit sales cost over a half-million dollars each project, including duplexes and villas.


Why Trust Us

We have a reputation and experience for building quality structures. Our team ensures that all projects will be completed ahead of the developer’s completion schedule. Because of our expertise in this area of construction, developers have engaged us as a subcontractor to build their structures.

Our Successful Projects

  • Fairway Villas
  • 52-Unit Condominium
  • Lyme Tree Terrace Condo
  • Silver Cove Condominium
  • Park Regent Condominium
  • Villas of Rotonda
  • The Gardens Condominium

Religious Buildings

Our team also builds quality structures for worship. With more than 15 churches to our credit, we understand the needs and inner workings of various religious organizations and committee involvement. These challenges us to have the opportunity to work with individuals who are involved in designing and constructing places of worship.

Cost-Effective Solutions

Whether it is a renovation or new construction, our team can build exceptional churches while making sure that you save money. We do this through design help, value engineering, and contracting methods, which will offer you sales tax savings by directly purchasing through your church. Another money-saving service is the reduced fee for our services and the work directly done by the church committee or members.

Get Started

Some churches are not sure where to begin. We would be happy to meet with you to discuss how to start, plan the master site, understand construction methods as well as think of cost-saving ideas. A quick call to our office will start the ball rolling in building that dream.


Whether you need help with an individual room renovation, lobby updating, exterior facelift, or new facility construction, our team will get the job done. We have worked hard with nationally known hospitality designers, like David L. Wallace & Associates, P.A., to develop new and innovative construction methods that balance design and construction cost.

Our specialty field in construction brings some of the most unique challenges in timing, cost, and design appeal. These factors can make or break a project, so it adds pressure to the general contractor in developing cost-efficient ways to build a facility that is within the allotted budget.


Get in Touch

One call to our office and a field inspection by one of our professionals can help you establish preliminary design ideas and costs, so you can verify the feasibility of your thoughts and ideas.